Well, I did it; I just tried on my first pair of UGGs! Surfing for shoes on the Internet, one can’t help but to notice all the ads for the famous boot from the land down under. I asked myself the question, “just what is it that has sustained UGG boots from Australia at the top of the fashion boot charts, for over a decade?” Little did I realize, that placing my foot inside what feels like a warm and cozy slipper would turn into a history lesson? I confess, “I was the girl who fell asleep in history class.” Boring or not, I find this history lesson fascinating. www.mallshoes.co.il

UGG boots made their first appearance in Australia, back during the nineteenth century. Essentially, they started life as a bulky sheepskin boot with a wool interior, including a ring of wool around the top to help keep the wearer’s feet warm; even in the coldest weather. Since freezing weather is a feature of Australian winters, a warm boot is needed to withstand the cold. But why the name… UGGs are so famous, that Oprah Winfrey once featured them on her talk-show. Legend has it that UGG boots got their name because many people referred to them as “ugh,” which is a slang term for ugly; quite a catchy name which has lent to the sustaining fashionable yet functional boot we love and know today as simply, UGG.

UGG boots flew high during World War I, when they were popular as flying UGG boots or FUGGs and were worn by pilots to keep their feet warm high in the sky. Amelia Earhart paid for her first flying lesson with World War I liberty bonds. I wonder if my childhood hero dawned FUGGs? By the late ’60s, surfers were wearing them to keep warm by the sea. By this point, UGGs were being produced throughout Australia. Helping to increase the boot’s popularity, in 1994 New York Times Journalist, Timothy Jack Ward refers to the boots as “ughs”, explaining that ugh is Australian slang for the sheepskin booties that surfers use to keep their feet either warm or cool.

I’ve concluded that the funny, little word “UGG”, is not only fashionable but functional and a must have for every girl’s closet, making UGG boots the perfect gift this holiday season!

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