The world economy is going though some big changes right now, while many people are crying out doom there are just as equal amount of people quietly changing the angle of the sail and getting ready to make some of the biggest and fastest fortunes ever known to mankind.

In this article you are going to discover what the wellness revolution is and why it is going to produce ten million new millionaires by the year 2016 and most importantly how you can one of them.

How Fast Fortunes Are Made

You may of heard of the term ‘baby boomers’ this refers to the generates born between 1946 and 1964 and this group of people is well worth studying if you want to make create wealth and make a fortune. When it is time for this group of people were kids a toy company by the name of Matel who produced Barbie become wildly wealthy.

When these kids needed to go to school there were more schools built in North America than any other time in history.

When this group started leaving their parents house and buying their own homes to start a family there was one of the biggest real estate boomers ever witnessed. Many people selling real estate at this time made a fortune and broke many sales records.

Whatever industry this group goes through billions of dollars are made for over a decade.

What Industries Are Next?

This group of people is now between the ages of 69 and 55 which means one of the major concerns is health and feeling fit, we are all living longer now and many people at 60 are still very active. These people want to keep feeling great and for as long as possible.

Another major concern for this group is financial; many are retired or have even been forced back in the work force due to bad economic times.

This is where the well revolution comes in and where you can stake a large piece of the pie if you act quick and set your sail in the right direction.

Here Is How You Can Make a Fortune

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