Avant Browser uses the Internet Explorer engine, but comes with many other features that can be customized to fit your particular needs. It is a fast, stable, and versatile web browser with excellent multilingual features and lots of handy tools. This tabbed browser allows users to visit multiple websites simultaneously, block Flash advertising and back up browser settings and bookmarks automatically. https://parilifestyle.com/

Many users have chosen Avast Browser for its advanced browsing functions and great surfing speed. This web browser has a multi-processing design, which means that each open tab works independently. If one tab crushes, it doesn’t crash the entire window. The browser has an intuitive and user-friendly interface and comes with a large number of features, including:

• Private browsing
• Anti-freezing
• Multi-processing
• Web form auto-filler
• Mouse gestures
• Low CPU usage
• Pop-up blocker
• Progress bar on each tab
• Customizable interface
• Quick translation menu
• Search bar with separate engines
• Highly customizable toolbars and menus
• Online secure bookmark and feed storage

Avant Browser is ideal for those who like their customization in-house. This web browser features 21 skin options and customizable right-click menu entries. All buttons and menus are optional. Users can fill web forms with one cluck, switch RSS view in Outlook headline mode, and add custom-made function buttons. Its built-in pop-up blocker removes annoying adverts automatically. You can also filter videos, pictures, sounds, Flash animation, and ActiveX components.

This browser has all of Internet Explorer’s options, as well as new options. You can configure Avant to clear to temporary files, cookies, passwords, and recently opened web pages. Avant Browser features eight toolbars, including a navigation bar, an address bar, a search bar, and a roboform bar. Each of them is optional. Users can see all the pop-ups that have been stopped. Another key feature is the XML Feeds Manager, which allows users to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

With Avant Browser, you can access your bookmarks from home, office, or an Internet cafe. The encrypted bookmarks can protect your private information on shared computers. All pages open in a single process. Users can restore open pages after system crash. The browser also boasts a page zoom slider, customizable black/white lists for pop-up ads, and a built-in RSS feeder. The compact style gives the interface a nice and sleek design. This program is an excellent choice for users who want a Microsoft-based web browser but are not satisfied with Internet Explorer’s offerings.


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