Expert Author Lance Winslow
Too often environmental groups, human rights groups or anti-capitalism groups will condemn Corporations, World Leaders, NGOs, USA and Wealthy Families for the woes of the Third World. Yet, is this really fair for all concerned? After all so much effort, assistance and much needed money has been given to the poorer nations and people of little means often living on less than a $1 per day.

Often there are problems when giving aid, sometimes it never gets where it is suppose to get, sometimes it worsens a situation. But the there are people who care very much. When these unfortunate potential eventualities occur, we should try to find a solution, if we do not have one; we must brainstorm so others may join these noble efforts, or come forth with additional or superior ideas.

But let’s not condemn the givers of the world or look a gift horse in the mouth or question their motivations, as we may need them for funding and we should be overly generous with praise and grateful for any and all proceeds to accomplish you mission. You see my long-winded point now and why you need to consider this also in the quest to “Fix the World” and indeed to our credit we have uncovered many of the huge problems, that few people other than World Travelers or locals would even understand are so serious issues in these areas of our Planet. Consider this in 2006.

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