We live in challenging economic times. While things have been getting gradually better, we still have near record unemployment in the United States. This means that record numbers of individuals are looking for both help with their situation, as well as looking for a new job. While slightly better off than the nation as a whole, this is also true in Minnesota. http://www.101eldercare.com/

Fortunately, there are many places for the unemployed individual in Minnesota to turn to for help. Conveniently, many of the best are available online as websites that offer information on financial assistance, career guidance, and help finding work. We will take a look at a few of the most relevant.

Unemployment Insurance Minnesota is a website run by the State of Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. This is the site you can go to to find out if you qualify and how to apply for financial assistance. Users can create accounts and apply for assistance online. There are also phone number for those who have questions or need additional assistance. An online handbook is available in several languages.

For the individual looking for a new career or changing careers, iSeek careers and excellent place to start. The website is a Minnesota-focused career site that’s well setup and easy to use. This website has a really nice section on career exploration and a database of over five-hundred careers to browse. They have a ‘Find a Job’ area that has regional-specific information including employers, job openings, and salary information. Many of the same tools as some of the bigger sites, but with a Minnesota angle.

On the Federal side make a trip to the Department of Labor’s website. As is somewhat typical of a government site, it’s really (really) big with almost too much information. However, there’s also a lot of really good information for the unemployed on the site as the DOL is responsible for setting up the federal unemployment guidelines that the states must follow. There’s also links out to other government (state and federal) websites.

The Department of Labor also had a website call Career One stop. It’s a career-focused website for people interested in browsing new careers, skills profiling, and information for career changers. It also has some links back to state specific data such as salaries and employment. Overall, for a government websites, it’s well setup and easy to navigate.

There are just a few of the key sites for the unemployed in Minnesota. Check them out and get some help. Good Luck!

Kurt Allan publishes the MN Unemployment HQ [http://unemploymenthq.com/mnunemployment/] to help in your Minnesota job search.

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